Festive pack of Black, Red, White Kampot Peppers with Mini Grinder

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Complete set of our premium whole peppercorns in Black, Red and White.

(Bundle price $81.70. If sold separately, price is $95.80. Approximately 15% off.)

Black Pepper

Best tasting black peppers in the world. It has robust herb flavours, hint of flowers and some smokiness. Black Pepper used widely to provide colour and texture to meats with particular affinity for roasted red meats, tomato dishes and salads.

Red Pepper

Exceptional Red peppers with distinct fruity flavour and aromatic bouquet that complements almost anything from red meat to dark chocolates.

White Pepper

Exceptional White pepper of exquisite fragrance, containing strong notes of citrus and herbs that help to accentuate delicate, fresh flavours in fish and white meat.

Favoured by the best chefs in the world!

Organically grown dried peppercorns in the Protected Geographical Indicator area of Kampot, Cambodia.

GMP and MeSTI certification.

Also included is our exclusive mini grinder. You only need one grinder for all 3 peppers. Just use it to grind any amount you plan to use and keep the rest fresh in their canisters.

There are endless possible blends of the 3 different colours to give you the prefect combination for every dish. Feel free to also add other dry spices and salt.

Please note that we provide 2-year extended manufacturer warranty from the date of purchase.  This is beyond the stated Best Before date of Dec 2024, printed on the packaging.