Pepper Types

Top chefs and gourmets all over the world prize Kampot peppercorns for their unique flavour, which is a combination of peppery heat with a hint of cinnamon, jasmine and anise. However, each of Kampot's pepper varieties has its own additional individual flavour notes.

Black Pepper

The most common pepper, black pepper has a robust, smoky herb flavour that works best with red meats, tomato dishes and salads.

Red Pepper

Red pepper has a distinctly fruity flavour and flowery bouquet. This versatile spice enhances almost any dish, including salads, all meats, pasta/noodles, cheese and even desserts.

White Pepper

The rarest of all pepper varieties, white pepper imparts a certain 'Umami' character to even the simplest of dishes and works particularly well with fish, shellfish, white meats, and soups.